Ways to Elevate Your Kitchen – According to an Expert

To master the art of cooking, you’ll need a kitchen that not only looks good but also functions well — and no one understands that better than someone with a long-standing career in the culinary industry.

Long before starting his career as a kitchen designer, 210’s current in-house design expert Alexander Adducci found himself in a standard chef’s kitchen at a local country club.  After working in the industry for over 20 years, he discovered the “secret ingredient” – creativity – that lead him on a path toward kitchen design. Alex’s unique career history qualifies him to draw on his experience and share expert recommendations to help transform your kitchen into a chef-worthy space!


Designing a Kitchen Built for a Chef

According to Alex, when it comes to a chef’s kitchen, space is everything – but that doesn’t always mean you need the largest space. It’s all about making the most of every inch in the space available by controlling both the clutter and the functionality of your kitchen. 

Optimal design incorporates many storage options for your food products, appliances, and other kitchen items by way of ample cabinetry with drawers and other options – Alex’s go-to game-changer: tall two-level pull out for spices and more.

Aside from plenty of storage space, Alex says not to overlook your countertops; after all, this is where the culinary magic happens. Making counter space available is a design decision that not only makes your life as a chef easier but can also serve as a space to entertain guests while you cook. Pro tip: by doubling your countertop, you create space to prep on one end while your guests enjoy appetizers and conversation on the other.

Once you’ve mastered kitchen space planning, it all boils down to the appliances –  your sink, stove, oven, and refrigerator are the most coveted features in your kitchen. While it doesn’t usually make sense to bring in professional-grade appliances, such as salamander ovens, there are a wide range of high-end appliances that can be installed in residential kitchens, including high-powered speed ovens, convection ovens, warming drawers, and high-temperature broilers. If you’re passionate about cooking, you owe it to yourself to consider outfitting your kitchen with upgraded appliances – they make you feel (and your food taste) like you’re in a restaurant kitchen from the comfort of your own home!


A Chef’s “Must-Haves” in an Elevated Kitchen

Now that you have a blueprint, it’s time to get down to the specifics. Here are three recommendations that you can incorporate into your at-home chef’s kitchen:

  • The “chef’s triangle,”– or your workspace, sink, and refrigerator – is the golden rule for a smooth flow in any kitchen. Keep them in close proximity to one another.
  • The right kitchen appliances can make cooking and entertaining fun and easy. For instance, instead of using a separate steamer or convection oven, Alex recommends a combination oven, which allows you to cook with steam, convection, or a combination of both — a great way to save time, space, and money in the long run. 
  • It’s all about the finishing touch – kitchens have evolved a lot over the past few years with various new finishes to give an elevated look and enhanced functionality to boot. Ceramic, a popular choice for both its durability and clean aesthetics, is a great choice for countertops and backsplashes that can stand up to an ambitious home cook while offering a luxury finish.


Image credit: Soluri Photography

Dreaming of getting started on a kitchen upgrade (and your next recipe)? Work with us to discover endless, custom, possibilities for creating your very own, chef-approved kitchen!