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MisuraEmme: Designed & Crafted in Italy

For decades, MisuraEmme has actively collaborated with internationally renowned designers, weaving a lively stylistic narrative in which multiple voices have interpreted the aesthetic, enriching it every time with their invaluable contribution. Each piece is beautifully crafted, highly inventive and holds true to the Made-in-Italy quality.

210 Design House is proud to have MisuraEmme products exclusively sold in our  Chicago River North showroom.

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Featured Closets




The evolution of Palo Alto I-Box, Palo Alto Free is the new wardrobe concept that calls for the use of doors directly supported by floor-to-ceiling posts that form the structure. This simple system for closing niches or separating spaces sustains a series of accessories for the compartments, similar to those of the Palo Alto I-box.

The product is compatible with all the doors already contained in the Palo Alto I-box system, and with the evolution of the Rex door, featuring an innovative opening mechanism, similar to a pantograph, that permits the movement of one or more pairs of doors from their closed position to a 180° opening, placed over the doors of the adjacent compartment.





Sleek, clean-lined aesthetics and functionality: these are the key words for defining Palo Alto. The idea springs from a desire to pamper ourselves: elegant, refined, rigorous and flawless, it enables a complete and “transparent” view of the things we love.




Born in 1948 in Cantù, a city recognized as the capital of furniture, Gianni Borgonovo bound his professional story to the prolific district of Brianza from the outset. After graduating from Milan Polytechnic in Electronic Engineering in 1972, he began work with Siemens, still today at the cutting edge in the automation sector. It was during those years that he met the architect Tiziana Mascheroni, then at the helm of the family business founded by her grandfather Giovanni in 1902. They initiated a successful collaboration in which the couple’s entrepreneurial intuition led them to turn the company into a furniture manufacturer, taking on their present name of MisuraEmme. In this new context of innovation, Gianni Borgonovo actively devoted himself to improving the production division, introducing new developments such as novel materials imported from Germany and technologies then unknown to other businesses in the area. Awareness of the issue of the environment led MisuraEmme to introduce the first water-based painting system to create environmentally friendly and non-toxic finishes: the commitment was rewarded with the prestigious Acquaver mark in 2003 and the GranDesignEtico award in 2014. In recent years, thanks to the development of trends and the opening up to new markets, the engineer has created a system of wardrobes with extruded aluminium frames designed and engineered to meet the needs of an international clientele. The famous Palo Alto walk-in closet, thanks to its tremendous personality, has become the emblem of MisuraEmme’s mood custom. Today, Gianni Borgonovo continues, in the role of CEO, to supervise the technical and production part, always at the heart of his entrepreneurial journey.





All the charm of a space entirely dedicated to the wardrobe: geometries that fit in every architectural space, modularities that can be perfectly customized, and a wide range of accessories and complements.



Well-known Italian designer, in the furniture field since the 70’s, he cooperates constantly with national and international brands. For him “planning” means to interpret reality and observe needs and wishes, to take inspiration from emotions and suggestions. He is convinced that design is everywhere: in a rock, in a drop, in a smile, in a sound. The designer’s duty is to pick out these sources of inspiration, and interpret them. His job has two directions: one is research, the other is daily experience. In other words: theory and practice. His creations are solid, aimed to satisfy the needs of the always changing ways of modern living, because social and cultural changes are continuously in evolution and trends more and more evanescent. His projects are characterized by clean design, care for details, and use of quality materials.


Featured  Wardrobes




London Door with sophisticated details creates a dynamic and refined environment, current, while at the same time traditional. The squares in relief and outlined by topstitching, along with a handle inserted into the rectangle which divides the squares, create a harmonious design.



Care for details is a must for MisuraEmme R&D Center. This does not only show through the choice of first-class materials – from Carrara marble to solid oak wood, fabrics made in Italy to European leathers – but also customized processing and craftsmanship give added value to furnishing accessories. All this and more, make the products of MisuraEmme unique and exclusive, a result of a mixture between refinement and innovative technology.