Space to Entertain

For a couple with a passion for entertaining and collecting, the kitchen needed to welcome friends and contain the accumulated serving pieces that elegant hosting demands — but their space was in need of an update. 210’s design team envisioned a more open space and a fresh layout, using Snaidero cabinetry to give the renovated kitchen a clean and modern finish while also maximizing practicality and storage, with plenty of space to maintain their collection and to accommodate guests.

Using a sleek, neutral palette, the walls of streamlined cabinetry fade softly into the background, enhancing the sense of flow in the new space. Incorporating large appliances seamlessly into the walls and moving the stovetop to the island allows the functional aspects of the kitchen to be integrated into the updated, modern aesthetic. The new design includes an extension of the kitchen island that functions as a smaller dining table, bringing an inviting energy to the room and encouraging guests to socialize while cooking.

Chicago loop remodel kitchen