Completed in 2022

Space to Entertain

For a couple with a long time passion for Snaidero’s Italian cabinetry, and the desire to bring the beautiful, nature-filled waterfront esthetic they see from their windows, into elements inside the home, the design team worked to help incorporate beauty, nature and functionality into this newly constructed home. The grandeur of the living space, coupled with the open floor plan of the kitchen and dining area lend itself to a clean and modern kitchen finish while also maximizing practicality and storage, with plenty of space to maintain the client’s collection of decorative elements and to accommodate guests.

Using a sleek, neutral palette, the walls of streamlined cabinetry fade softly into the background, enhancing the sense of flow in the new space. The sliding backsplash on this gorgeous ceramic cabinetry allows to hide cooking elements not always wanting to be displayed, helping to maintain a clean, organized space.

Space to entertain kitchen