Modern Historical

In collaboration with Marshall Erb Design, 210 took on the challenge of remodeling the kitchen of a beautiful, vintage condo in Chicago’s Gold Coast. For a young, active family of 5 with a deep appreciation for design, the key was to work around the restrictions imposed by a historical space to make something functional and durable while also making sure it fit the family’s vision. The redesigned kitchen uses a neutral palette and modern elements to update the space while also maintaining the feeling of elegance that comes with a historical home.

As is typical in vintage buildings, there were no open-plan spaces to work with, and the placement of appliances was limited by the integrity of the home. Clean, modern cabinets in a sleek high gloss finish with simple aluminum hardware streamlines the unavoidable corners and walls. With only one window, the glossy finish also serves to reflect light and expand the space, while being extremely durable to protect the cabinets from wear and tear. A banquette cleverly tucked into a corner brings the family together in an intimate space to eat and interact.

Gold Coast dream home kitchen