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Saturday Place

Saturday Place

Saturday Place is an enrichment program for 3rd and 4th grade Chicago Public School students who are performing at least one year below grade level. It’s a once-a-week program comprised of activities quite different from the typical classroom. The program provides support in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science—and has been proven to help students gain confidence and raise their grades in their regular classrooms.



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Data Day Results

For our Math instruction, we are focusing on two Common Core standards, one as a primary with each grade level to help build mastery of these standards by the end of our program year. We emphasize number sense and math fluency in basic addition, subtraction for third grade, multiplication, and division for fourth-grade.



Reading instruction has a great emphasis to have students read more since reading fluency is an area of great need. During their assessments students were given running records in Zoom breakout rooms, during which time students read to a teacher for a minute to determine the words per minute read correctly at grade level. Students with the lowest fluency rates will be receiving intensive support in breakout rooms in a one-on-one setting focusing on building up their fluency which will, in turn, improve their comprehension. Our current reading lessons created by our teachers include reading selections taken from Raz-Kids in both English and Spanish.





Meeting Challenges with a Positive Outlook

Despite having to hold classes remotely, our teachers were able to pivot with the challenging times and continue to meet our students’ needs. It is crucial to everyone involved at Saturday Place to continue to support our students even if we can’t come together in the same building. Now more than ever our students’ needs are greater and our mission is to enable our students to reach their full academic and personal potential.


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