210 Design House’s Guide To Spring Cleaning and Stylish Refreshes

Spring is officially here, and with it, the desire to refresh our spaces. The ritual is actually deeply rooted in our cultural history, a tradition dating back to the time when homes were heated by wood that left a layer of soot on everything. Spring was the season to open the windows, beat out the dust, and polish every surface. These days, our winter heating methods are much improved, but the need to clean, organize, and reinvigorate our spaces once the weather turns warmer remains. 

While at 210 Design House, we believe designing spaces that are functional, easy to organize, and of course, beautiful, should be a year-round endeavor, there’s no better time than the spring season to elevate and rejuvenate our homes — in kitchens, closets, bathrooms, and beyond. 


Cabinetry solutions by Snaidero


Thoughtful, Personalized Organization in Kitchens

Functionality in kitchens starts with the design process, says 210 Design Assistant Grace Radoha. “Often organization can be overlooked at the beginning of the kitchen design process. Planning where you would like to have your kitchen dishware, silverware, and pots and pans should be the starting point,” Radoha says. “We ask our clients to take home their kitchen plans and mark where they would like their kitchen accessories to go. By taking the time and carefully selecting where they want their products to be placed in the kitchen, they are making their kitchen the most efficient.” 

Senior Designer Alexander Adducci agrees. “We never want to overlook the importance of ergonomics regarding the comfort of reach and function. At 210 we offer numerous storage components to help organize all of the kitchen necessities.” For example, Snaidero’s drawer and cabinet accessories provide a designated spot for spices, utensils, pots and pans, lids, and more, eliminating the potential for things to shuffle around and potentially get lost or underused. 


Cabinetry solutions by Snaidero


Additionally, 210 ensures that clients are aware of the cleaning requirements of each component of their kitchen. “Some finishes clean differently than others, so educating our clients on how each finish is cleaned is part of our process,” Radoha says. 


Efficient Storage Solutions in Bathrooms

Azuco by Noorth


Just like in kitchens, storage and organizational accessories are a huge help in making bathrooms work efficiently and feel clean and well organized. “Knowing where all your products are is essential when getting ready,” Radoha says. To that point, 210 prioritizes sleek and easy to use storage solutions in bathrooms large and small.

Noorth’s Caba 23.04 is a simple, clean-lined option for a bathroom with limited space, says Adducci. The integrated, smaller-scale design includes a variety of finishes that resemble classic wall paneling, along with a storage compartment between the base and wall units and an integrated washbasin and toilet. “It’s an interesting and beautiful  way to approach storage and conceal certain bathroom necessities,” Adducci says.


Caba by Noorth


210 Project Manager Lisa Wagner agrees that vanities with pull-out drawers, like those in the Caba, are more functional than traditional cabinet doors. “They’re more accessible and easier to keep organized,” Wagner says. “Vitage also offers additional storage that can be added to the top drawer. It includes multiple components that house all a bathroom’s necessities.”


Tailor by Vitage


Also from Noorth and new for spring is the Azuco Collection, a sophisticated combination of washbasin and vanity with a geometric texture inspired by textile and natural patterns. ”I am very excited about the Azuco collection,” Radoha says. “The textured marble fronts add dimension while giving off a calm feel.”


Storage and Flexibility in Living Spaces 


Puzzle System by MisuraEmme


While closets are key to keeping life well organized, how we think about closets is changing, according to the 210 Design House team. “MisuraEmme’s new Puzzle system is a cabinet or wall storage system that’s designed for living spaces,” Adducci says. “We’ve used MisuraEmme’s Palo Alto I-Box and Palo Alto Free systems in living rooms, but this takes it even a step further in terms of flexible design. It caters to so many organizational needs.”


Palo Alto I-Box by MisuraEmme


Palo Alto Free by MisuraEmme


That same level of multi-functionality can also be found in 210’s furnishings. “Any piece of furniture that’s multi-functional is a benefit in terms of space saving and organization,” Adducci says. “Bookcases that become beds, dining tables that turn into game tables, and beds and coffee tables with integrated closed storage all improve the efficiency of function in a home.” 

Radoha points to Arflex’s armchair, which offers a built-in service table, eliminating the need for a side table, while Wagner calls out the brand’s Marechiaro system. “Arflex has a wide variety of sectional systems that let you create as much room as you need,” Wagner says. “The Marechiaro system is wonderfully designed to make additional seating fit in any space.”


Cradle Armchair and Marechiaro system by Arflex


Regardless of whether you’re looking for a design reset to help reach your spring-cleaning goals or a multi-purpose makeover to up your home’s functionality, 210 Design House can help with our range of luxury home products. Stop by our River North showroom to learn more.